About Us

Babycare is redefining the standard of “Design” and “Quality” for the whole maternal and infant product industry by forming a design industry alliance with prominent industrial design organizations around the globe to select the best materials and produce the highest-quality and most beautiful Mother & Baby products, by holding the value of standing in parents’ shoes.

Established in the US in 2013, Babycare has been injecting the designer gene into the full product line since the very first day, believing that beauty nurtures life and “beauty” is the source of “care”. Our Products are researched and developed on the basis of the idea of "Elegant Design”, “Superior Quality” and “High Safety” to provide high-end products with upgrading consumer experience for new generations.

Currently, the maternal and infant industries has witnessed changes greatly led by our products and ideas. Babycare has created and led a series of products in line with user aesthetic needs and the pursuit of quality. Babycare learn from others, cooperates with the most prominent design organizations around the world to combine cutting-edge science and latest technologies, carefully selected global suppliers and integrates multiple channels to produce and provide full range of products needed in the three stages of “pregnant-infant-child” growth.

Babycare Design Center

By gathering world renowned industrial designers, graphic designers and illustrators from US, Japan, Germany, UK, China, and South Korea, babycare makes art as daily enjoyment for babies instead of a display in galleries and art museums.



Practical Aesthetics

Birth of each product is the result of outlines drawn on more than 300 sketches. Industrial designers are working with new inspirations and considerations of both good appearance and every-day practicability. 



Color Matching

Color matching is required not only to suit baby’s vision development, but also conforming to babycare’s aesthetic view. Each color is carefully selected by designers from hundreds of similar colors, aiming to realize best color matching that belongs to the visual art of babycare.


Global Stores

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Global Partners

COTTON USA, green and more environmental-friendly cotton. The advantage is precision farming techniques can improve the quality and yield of crops while reducing the amount of water and pesticides used in the growing process. The use of innovative cottonseed varieties and the scientific growing method can provide stronger and longer cotton fibers.

Eastman Tritan has been approved by the FDA of US as the designated material for baby products in Europe and America. Tritan is BPA free and meets environmental requirements and FDA certification. Tritan is clear and transparent with light transmission rate above 90%, fog level below1% and crystal luster. Tritan has excellent impact strength. Tritan has excellent resistance to chemical and hydrolytic properties and can resist the corrosion of detergents, cleansers hydrocarbon solvents, oils and perfumes, etc.

Since Shin Etsu Chemical Industry Corporation launched organic silicone manufacturing and marketing 50 years ago, the company has developed world-leading production technology. Organic silicone is widely used in automobile, electronic equipment, cosmetics, construction, food and other fields.Shin Etsu Chemical Industry Corporation produces more than 5,000 kinds of organic silicone products. Organic silicone has many excellent properties that are making human life more comfortable and colorful.

BASF SE is a German chemical enterprise and one of the largest chemical plants in the world. PPSU is an amorphous thermal plastic with high transparency and hydrolytic stability and PPSU products can withstand repeated steam sterilization. Now, PPSU is one of the safest new materials at present, containing no bisphenol A and can withstand high temperature 180 degrees. Besides, PPSU is also safe, transparent, light and resistant to falling.

With a history of 140 years, Henkel's main business includes adhesive business and mainly supplies P&G, MOONY, Kimberly-Clark, KAO and other international brands. We specially used the innovative technology of "close care" of Henkel ON to improve the technology of "hot melt adhesive" of diapers, making it be able to neutralize and desalinate more than 80 substances brought by diaper smell.

Sumitomo is one of the oldest business groups in Japan with a history of more than 400 years. Sumitomo SAP Polymer uses reverse suspension polymerization method, which is different from the manufacturing methods of SAP in the market. Therefore, Sumitomo SAP can realize faster absorption.